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Winter 2020
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Special Issue – Olivier Laquerre, Baritone
November 2016
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Special Issue – Legendary Composer William Perry

Fall 2016
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Wallis Giunta – The Mezzo with the Magic


An online celebration of all the arts, past and present. Our motto, in the words of William Shakespeare, is: If this be magic, let it be an art.

Spring 2014
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The Ultimate Movie Review – Love Never Dies

Summer 2007

John Andrew Parks
Richard X Heyman
Michael Dimitri

Winter/Spring 2006
Kelly Moore
Peter Martin
Janine Pilkington
Spring 2005

Ranka Lazarevic
Melissa Robinson
Mary Talbot Elliott

Summer/Fall 2004

Julia Trops
L. Chrystal Dmitrovic
Fall/Winter 2003

Kelly Moore
Robert Homme
Janine Pilkington
Spring/Summer 2003

Farley Mowat
Mary Talbot Elliott
Barbara Single

Submissions to The Empress: Review suggestions and guidelines for submitting creative work to The Empress. Established and new writers and artists are encouraged to submit their best finished work. (No payment is given, just positive exposure and a published credit with byline and brief author bio.)