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All paintings and artwork displayed in the Empress Gallery were the ideas and creations of L. Chrystal Dmitrovic and are Copyright © 2010: L. Chrystal Dmitrovic. No reproduction is allowed in any form without artist permission.

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A Wave in the Circle
On Jewelled Wings
Gentle White Phoenix in the Evening Shadow
Magic at Dawn
Little Piranha
Wild Autumn
Dreams of Enlightenment
Lime in the Coconuts
The Kaleidoscope Storm
The Dreaming Trees
Duck Moon (Canard Street)
Evening Jewels
Mauve Blush Tulips
Midnight Blue Tulips
Ablur (Distant Memory)
Moonlight Street
Holland Blue Daisy
The Sweetest Pink
Spring Flowers in a Golden Vase
Ballet Angelique
Pleasant Sea
Red Fish, Blue Fish
Caught in the Moonglow
The Bird in the Sun
Sky of Gold
Silent Moon
Misty Mountain Stream
Pink Tulips Shoreside
Country Style Flowers
Verdigris the Sea Dragon
Tulip Glow
Frenetic Fantasy

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